What To Do When Your Child Suffers A Tooth-Related Injury

Active children can experience a wide variety of dental problems like chips, fractures and loosened teeth. If an emergency does arise, it's a good idea to know what to do, especially if the accident occurs during the weekend or anytime her regular dentist's office is closed. The following tips can help you handle three types of tooth-related problems with your child.

Baby Tooth is Knocked Loose

If your young child falls down and knocks one of her baby teeth loose, the best thing to do is call your dentist or an after-hours dentist for advice. Chances are good that the dentist will recommend a soft diet for few days so the tooth can re-implant itself. A mildly loosened tooth usually heals fine on its own, without medical intervention.

If you assess the injury and it appears that more than one tooth is affected or the tooth is pushed up into the gums, the dentist may recommend an x-ray to determine if there is more damage than meets the eye. For example, if the x-ray shows that the tooth's root is damaged, there is a risk that the baby tooth will eventually die. However, there usually isn't much cause for concern if she still has all of her baby teeth.

Baby Tooth is Chipped or Fractured

Typically, a mild chip or fracture doesn't require emergency dental treatment. However, you should get your child in to see the dentist fairly soon because the tooth's sharp edge can eventually cut into her gums or other soft tissue. With a mild chip or fracture, the dentist may simply smooth the rough edge or use a tooth-colored filling material to disguise the broken portion of the tooth.

If a large section of the tooth is broken off, try to find the missing piece. Since a large chip or fracture can affect the nerves of the tooth, the outcome will be much better if the piece is reattached right away. For a large chip or vertical fracture, get a same day appointment or call an emergency dentist.

Don't wash the broken piece of tooth and touch it as little as possible. Simply place it in a cup of milk and take it with you to your child's dentist appointment.

Baby Tooth is Knocked Out

When a baby tooth is completely knocked out, it is usually best to leave it alone. Most dentists won't recommend re-implanting a baby tooth unless there is a chance that the missing tooth will cause spacing issues for the other teeth. Place the tooth in a cup of milk and call the dentist to find out if an appointment is necessary.

Childhood dental traumas are not uncommon. Stay calm and contact a dentist, such as someone from Bloomington Dental, to determine whether or not treatment is necessary.