10 Foods You Can Safely Eat After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

If you have your wisdom teeth removed, it's important to take care of yourself and the extraction sites afterward. You might wonder what you can and can't eat. Avoid foods that are crunchy, chewy, hot, or spicy. You don't want anything to get stuck in the socket or cause irritation.

Try very soft foods for the first 24 hours, and then gradually introduce semi-soft ones as you're able to. The following 10 foods are some good options:

1. Ice cream

The cold from ice cream can feel very soothing if you skip the varieties with chopped-up nuts. Milkshakes are also good, but make sure to use a spoon rather than a straw, since you could dislodge the blood clot and cause a delay in healing. Surgery is the perfect excuse to indulge, but you'll soon want to move onto other, more nutritious choices.

2. Yogurt

Whether you prefer traditional or Greek, this can be a good source of protein and calcium that's very easy to eat.

3. Baked potatoes

Try russet or sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave or baked in the oven. Sweet potatoes are especially tasty with a little bit of brown sugar or cinnamon added.

4. Pasta

From traditional macaroni and cheese to ramen noodles, the choices seem to be endless. Varying the sauces can make the same pasta shape taste dramatically different, and you can add soft-cooked vegetables for added nutrition and taste.

5. Soup

Broths are ideal in the beginning, and then you can usually move to sturdier fare. Just make sure the ingredients are still soft and easy to chew. Creamy rather than chunky soups are what you're looking for. You also want it to be warm, not hot. Chicken noodle and egg drop soup are two good choices.

6. Protein drinks or nutrition shakes

These will help you feel full and give you some nutritional benefits as well.

7. Smoothies

If you have a blender, you can use almost any combination of fruits and vegetables to make smoothies. Make sure there aren't any seeds in the finished product.

8. Grits or polenta

These options are easy to chew and can be enhanced with cheese. Cheddar tastes great in grits, and parmesan or goat cheese is often added to polenta.

9. Scrambled eggs

Whisk eggs with just a little milk and scramble them for a quick, easy dish that's easy on your mouth. You can also add anything from cheese to salmon to mushrooms.

10. Beans

Packed with fiber, antioxidants, and protein, beans have been described as the "perfect food." They're soft, so they're easy to eat post-surgery. Beans keep you full and can be bought dried, canned or frozen. You can also use them to make bean soup.

You'll have to alter your eating habits for a while after surgery, but you'll soon be back to normal. And in the meantime, you might discover some new flavor combinations. For more information, contact a company like Kokkirala Rajeshwer with any questions or concerns you have.