3 Common Problems Of Using A CPAP Machine

If you have a CPAP machine to use while sleeping due to a diagnosis of sleep apnea, you know that the occasional problems can arise from using it. Instead of getting frustrated, you can troubleshoot the problems yourself at home. Here are three common CPAP problems and how you can resolve them.

The Mask Slides During Sleep

Some CPAP users complain that their mask slides around while sleeping. As a result, they can experience irritation or not get the full benefit of using the machine. 

When the mask starts to slide, it is usually because it is not properly fitted. CPAP masks come in a wide range of styles and sizes. For instance, there are masks that are specially made for people with fuller faces. 

To ensure that your mask does not fall off, it is important that you are properly fitted for the mask. Your supplier can not only help ensure you have the right one, but also show you how to adjust it so that it stays in the proper place. 

Claustrophobic Feelings During Use

One of the most unfortunate consequences of wearing a sleep mask is that you can start to feel claustrophobic. Instead of being comfortable while sleeping, you can experience anxiety which could impact the quality of your sleep.

To avoid those feelings, you need to get used to wearing the mask. During the day, try putting on the mask for a few minutes without all of the attachments. After you have become more comfortable with this, try wearing it with the straps. 

Once you are accustomed to this, connect the hose from the machine and run the oxygen at a low level. Put the machine on its normal setting after a few minutes and try sitting with it for a few minutes. If you continue to do this, sleeping with the mask on will not be such an anxiety inducing experience.

Dry Mouth After Use

Waking up with a really dry mouth can be a nuisance. It is also a common problem with CPAP machines. 

To decrease the chances of this occurring, wear a chin strap. The strap will help to keep your chin closed during sleep. An open mouth during use is the most common reason for dry mouth.

Instead of giving up on using the CPAP machine, talk to your supplier or your doctor if you are having problems. If your doctor has recommended its use, it is vital to your health that you continue to wear it.