2 Dental Replacement Alternatives to Waiting for a Dental Implant Crown

Dental implants are a stable, attractive replacement option for a missing tooth. The procedure usually involves several stages interspersed with healing periods. So from start to finish, the implant process can take months to complete. If your missing tooth is at the front of your mouth, you might not want to wait that long with an open gap.

Luckily, there are a couple of different cosmetic dentistry options for tooth replacement that don't leave you with an open gap for months at a time. Discuss the options with your dentist to find out the best choice for your situation.

Removable Bridge or Dentures

A removable bridge or partial denture will have a single tooth on an often gum-colored plate. The plate has clasps on each end that hook around neighboring healthy teeth to keep the plate from sliding around too much.

Benefits of a removable bridge or denture are that you can take out the plate while sleeping or eating, if it's more comfortable. But the plate isn't as stable as an implant or permanent bridge and can slide around, which can cause gum irritation.

The gum-colored plate and the artificial tooth will look natural enough from far away but up-close viewing, especially on teeth near the front of your mouth, can make it clear that the tooth is fake. This might not be a problem for you since this tooth is only meant to be worn temporarily, anyway.

Instant Implant

Instant or same-day dental implants work the same as a traditional dental implant. But instead of placing the screw, letting it heal, placing the post, letting it heal, and then snapping on the tooth, the dentist simply places the screw, post and tooth in one appointment.

The benefit is clearly having the procedure done faster. But until the screw heals with the bone, the implant won't be as stable as a traditional dental implant. By not allowing the bone fusion to happen first, the fusion can fail without you knowing it and compromise the implant.

Discuss with your dentist whether you qualify for same-day implants. You will need to be in overall good health and have healthy, dense jawbones to even be a candidate. Make sure that you keep any follow-up appointments so that the dentist can monitor the bone fusion process and make sure that your implant isn't going to fail and that no infections are taking hold. Speak with a cosmetic dentist from an establishment like Drs. Phipps, Levin, Hebeka, & Associates Ltd.for further information.