Candy Corn And Cavities: Make Tooth Friendly Halloween Alternatives

The month of October is especially fun for children. Getting to pick out a Halloween costume and starting fall activities is an exciting time. Halloween is one of the worst times for teeth though. With trick or treating comes the overload of sugar, which can lead to bad habits as well as tooth decay. If you are looking for ways to help children enjoy the holidays but worry for their teeth, here are some ways to make Halloween healthy.

Throw a party instead of trick or treating

By going trick or treating, you are presenting your children with the opportunity to collect the candy that others deem appropriate. With a party, you can select the type of treats that your children receive. Throw a community party with your neighborhood, or with your child's friends for Halloween. You and the other parents can get together and make popcorn treats, home baked sweets, and small treat bags to take home filled with approved candy only.

Throw out anything chewy or hard

The worst types of foods for teeth are those that are sticky and chewy and those that are hard. Not only are hard candies full of sugar, but they can also break the tooth enamel. Chewy candles can get caught in the teeth or lay on the tooth, creating the perfect environment to cause cavities. If you plan to allow your children to have candy, choose soft candies. Also consider creating homemade candy so that you can control all of the ingredients.

Limit candy consumption to after dinner

Though kids (and adults) are often tempted to pig out on Halloween candy in the days following Halloween, setting a candy schedule is much healthier. Allow everyone candy after dinner or at other specific times. Eating candy after a meal insures that the child eats on a full stomach, therefore consuming less candy. Children should also be taught to brush after meals so they will brush and floss right after they consume the candy.

Make a dental appointment soon after the holiday

Nothing gets people brushing and flossing like a looming trip to the dentist. To keep kids from indulging in too much candy or creating unhealthy habits, make an appointment for a dental cleaning soon after Halloween. Not only will a visit to the dentist help them keep up with their tooth hygiene, but any cavities or other dental issues can be stopped in their tracks before they cause further damage in the upcoming holidays.  

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