2 Reasons Your Dentist May Be Recommending A Dental Implant

If you have a tooth that is extremely damaged from decay, your dentist may recommend an extraction. However, to replace the extracted tooth, he or she may also recommend a dental implant. Initially, you may feel that the cost of replacing a tooth is too high. However, there are good reasons that your dentist is recommending the implant. Here are two of them:

Bone Density Protection

The jawbones can atrophy over time if there is no stimulation to promote the production of new bone cells. As the jawbone diminishes, the face can take on a sunken appearance. In addition, if the jawbone is not dense enough to support the teeth, the roots of the teeth become loose in their sockets. This is especially important because it can result in further tooth loss.

When your dentist recommends a dental implant and the procedure is performed, the implant screw is inserted into the jawbone where a tooth root would normally be located. Thus, when the implant patient bites or chews, the impact force is transferred to the jawbone for stimulation. The transfer of bite pressure continues to promote the development of new bone cells so the jaw bone density is protected.

Prevention of Dental Migration

When a tooth has been extracted, a gap is left in the mouth. The tooth that was once in place prevented the other teeth from migrating into its space. However, as long as the gap remains, there is no placeholder to prevent adjacent teeth from moving.

Once teeth begin to migrate, it can become a domino effect. Each tooth that moves out of position allows more room for adjacent teeth to shift. Over time, teeth that were once straight and properly aligned may become crooked. Braces or other orthodontic appliances may be needed to correct the misalignment. However, without a replacement tooth, the potential for dental migration is still there.

A dental implant prevents teeth from shifting. The crown that is applied to the dental implant will mimic the shape and size of the original tooth that was lost, so the gap is properly filled. 

If your dentist has recommended a dental implant to replace an extracted tooth and you have additional questions about the procedure, schedule a consultation. Your dentist, like one from Riverdale Dental Arts, will be able to further explain the procedure. In addition, any other health conditions that you have, such as diabetes, can be discussed to help ensure that your dental implant has a good chance of success.