Burger Lovers: Tooth Problems & Treatments To Be Aware Of

For ground beef lovers, there's not much better than a freshly made burger. With extra toppings and a grilled bun, burger lovers can enjoy a different type and variety every single day. When consuming a lot of burgers, you not only have to worry about your daily diet, but it's important to be aware of the effect it can have on your mouth. There are multiple elements to consider if you're a burger lover who eats them often. By booking an appointment with a dentist, you can have your mouth cleaned, treated, and examined for a number of these different problems.

Crispy Toppings

A lot of times, a burger is soft enough that it will not affect teeth, but you should be aware of any toppings that you may be consuming. For example, one of the more popular toppings is crispy bacon. Hard pieces of bacon can cut your gums and cause pain to your teeth. During a dental appointment, a dentist may notice the effect that hard or crispy toppings may have had. If your gums are getting cut up, it could lead to additional problems like gum disease or infections. A dentist may recommend that you cut down on these toppings. If this is the case, then you can still enjoy regular hamburgers or cheeseburgers.


Small particles that get caught in your teeth can cause uncomfortable feelings and pains in your mouth. When eating a lot of burgers, there are multiple ingredients you may find seeds in. The first is the bun. Sesame seed buns are a traditional burger topper, but these seeds can get caught in gum flaps or crevices of your teeth. If they remain there for long periods, your mouth could become irritated or your gums may become inflamed. Another source of seeds comes from sliced tomatoes that you have on your burger. Small tomato seeds can get lodged in your teeth just like sesame seeds.

Acid Issues

Consuming foods with acidic elements can cause problems with your teeth. These problems are mainly associated with enamel. The enamel on your teeth is the protective coating that helps prevent decay. Burger elements like tomatoes and ketchup can contain high levels of acid that can wear away the enamel on your teeth. If a dentist notices these changes to your teeth, then they can help by giving you fluoride treatments. Fluoride can help rebuild and strengthen enamel on your teeth. For future burgers, you may have to limit or cut down on the tomato products that you use.

By getting the proper dental care, you can still enjoy the burgers that you love while still having a healthy smile. Check out sites like http://westlakesfamilydental.com/ for more information.