Alleviate Pain Associated With A Chipped Molar And Protect The Tooth From Further Damage

If you accidentally chipped the top portion of one your molars after falling on a wet surface, the following steps can be taken to alleviate pain and protect your tooth from additional damage. As a result, you will remain comfortable until you are able to be treated by your family dentist.


  • ice pack
  • small cup of lukewarm saltwater
  • handheld magnifying mirror
  • toothpick
  • dental putty
  • surgical gloves
  • putty applicator
  • dental guard

Temporarily Alleviate Swelling And Pain

Place an ice pack firmly against the section of your face that is directly over the tooth that is damaged to assist with reducing pain and numbing the area that hurts. After the pain subsides, rinse your mouth out with warm saltwater for a couple minutes. Open your mouth while looking in a handheld magnifying mirror to make sure that there aren't any tooth slivers or food particles stuck inside of the damaged tooth. If there are, however, gently pry them loose with the end of a toothpick.

Protect The Tooth With Dental Putty

Dental putty is a flexible substance that can be molded to fit over the damaged part of your tooth. Once it hardens, it will remain secure and exposed nerves in the tooth will not cause pain. The tooth will also remain intact until you are able to be examined by your dentist. Wash your hands and put on a pair of surgical gloves.

Roll a small amount of dental putty between your fingertips and mold it into a flat, saucer shape. Place the flattened putty directly over the damaged portion of the molar. Use a dental putty applicator to press the edges of the putty firmly against the molar's surface. Once the putty feels natural and has a smooth surface, wait for it to harden. This may take a couple hours. 

Have The Tooth Examined And Treated By A Dentist

You can eat food or drink beverages with the hardened putty in your mouth, but do so carefully in order to avoid placing direct pressure on the affected tooth. The dental putty can also remain in your mouth while you are sleeping and won't come loose. If you are someone who often grinds their teeth while asleep, however, wear a mouth guard to further protect the putty-covered tooth.

Call your dentist as soon as you can to set up an appointment to have the damaged tooth examined. Your dentist will install a filling or cover the missing part of the tooth with a crown.