Botox And Your Dentist

The next time you visit your dentist, you may get more than a thorough cleaning and a filling or two. Along with your pain injections, you could get a shot of botox. Many dentists now use botox on a regular basis, but not always in a cosmetic procedure. Botox can be used to treat certain jaw conditions, including TMJ. If you are undergoing treatment for TMJ or another jaw issue, ask your dentist if botox would benefit you. 


The symptoms of TMJ  include a sore jaw, headaches, ear pain, and chewing issues. In some cases, the jaw becomes completely locked. This condition can be caused by a number of things, but may first appear after you have been in a car accident or experienced another type of trauma to the jaw. Also, if you consistently grind your teeth or suffer from arthritis in that area, TMJ may be the result. This condition can make facing each day a real challenge. A variety of treatments exists for TMJ, including the use of botox.

Botox works by effectively paralyzing muscles. When injected into the jaw and other facial areas, botox relieves your pain by relaxing your muscles. You can no longer unconsciously or consciously clench your jaw, a primary cause of your pain. Botox is an excellent way to relieve the headaches caused by teeth grinding, plus your teeth will escape further damage from this enamel-killing act. Botox has to be injected every three to six months to remain effective. 

Cosmetic Benefits

When your dentist uses botox to relieve TMJ symptoms or other jaw issues, your appearance can benefit. These injections can reduce the look of wrinkles, so even if the treatment is aimed at relieving your pain, you can end up looking younger as well. For many patients, this cosmetic effect is a delightful bonus. Once your dentist has been trained to deliver botox, they may choose to use the procedure for purely aesthetic purposes. As a result, you may schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning followed by a botox treatment on your forehead. Since dentists are experts on the anatomy of the face, their doing this type of work is actually quite logical. 

Your dentist may become more to you than a tooth expert: they may also be your go-to cosmetic person. Not all dentists will want to perform cosmetic procedures, but they should be trained to use botox as an aid to relieve the pain from your TMJ and other jaw conditions. Contact a clinic like Cazes Family Dentistry LLC for more information about treating TMJ with botox.