Ways To Not Break Teeth

Along with preventing things like cavities and gum disease, you also want to make sure you don't end up chipping or breaking your teeth. Although they have enamel to protect them, which is a very strong material, it isn't very thick and this means your teeth should still be considered as fragile. The information here will educate you on some of the most common ways people break their teeth so you can avoid making these mistakes with your own teeth.

A lot of teeth get broken while playing sports

Sports can be very hard on bones and teeth. The best thing you can do to protect your teeth when you participate in contact sports is to use a quality mouth guard. Opt for one you get through your dentist rather than using a one-size-fits-all type you can purchase at most sporting goods stores.

Many people chip their teeth grinding them while they sleep

One of the problems with teeth grinding is it's hard to know you do it unless someone tells you or you do it to the point of causing obvious pain when awakening. This is just one reason why regular dental appointments are so important. If the dentist sees wear on your teeth indicating teeth grinding they can fit you for a night guard to protect them.

Chewing ice is a bad habit that can chip or break teeth

Ice is a lot harder on your teeth than you may think. A lot of people have a habit of chewing ice and when bitten in the wrong way, with the wrong tooth and at just the right angle then it can cause chipping or breaking. If you must chew ice then you should at least switch from ice cubes to crushed ice which reduces the risk of harming your teeth.

Have dental issues taken care of early on

As soon as you know there is something wrong with your teeth, or the teeth of your child, you should begin treatment to avoid issues down the road that can even lead to broken teeth. For example, if you notice that your young child or your teen has crooked teeth, get them in to the dentist right away so you can see about a treatment such as invisalign. This way, their teeth can get straightened out early on. Crooked teeth can put you, or your teen, at a greater risk for breaking their teeth when they are simply eating because the teeth won't have a healthy bite and pressure can be put on the wrong areas.

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