Dental Cleaning: What To Expect When You Go In For Those Pearly Whites

If you haven't been in for a professional cleaning at your dental office for a while, or ever, then you may have one coming up shortly and be wondering what will happen. If you are a person who is a bit fearful of the dental chair, then knowing what to expect from start to finish can help you to feel a bit more relaxed about going. This professional tooth cleaning guide should help you have a good idea of just what you can expect to have happen at your cleaning session:

It all starts with an exam

The exam is really nothing to get stressed out about. The dentist will simply take a look around in your mouth, use a tool to poke at your teeth to look for soft spots. They may even take x-rays if the cleaning is to be done at a regularly scheduled dental visit. A small mirror will also be used to look at the backsides of your teeth.

The cleaning begins with plaque and tartar removal

The dental hygienist will use a tool referred to as a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. They do this by using a scraping motion to scrape it off. If you don't have much plaque and tartar on your teeth to begin with, then this process can go by rather quickly.

You will receive a special tooth brushing

After the tartar and plaque has been removed, your teeth will be brushed using a powerful electric brush. You may hear a grinding sound during this time, but just know that it is only the brush making sure your teeth get as clean as possible. The toothpaste may taste similar to the kind you use at home, but you will notice that it is quite gritty. This grittiness helps make sure your teeth are extremely clean when you leave the appointment.

You may possibly receive a flossing treatment

Depending on your needs, the hygienist may give you a good flossing. This can be helpful because when you floss on your own, you always have those hard to reach areas. They will be able to get in them.

You'll receive a rinsing and fluoride treatment

Your mouth will be rinsed to remove all the debris that was removed from your teeth, as well as the products used. The rinse may or may not contain fluoride itself, but you will also be given a fluoride treatment afterward to help keep your teeth nice and strong. The treatment consists of putting your teeth in a foamy fluoridated gel for a minute. After the fluoride treatment, your mouth will be rinsed again and you will be free to leave, with a much brighter smile and healthier mouth.

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