4 Questions Answered About Dental Sealants

One of the ways to help keep your teeth protected is by using dental sealants. These will need to be put in place by a dental professional for optimal results. The good news is you will have a decreased chance of getting a cavity if you rely on this process. It's important to get any of your questions answered before seeing your dentist about this protective option for your teeth.

Question #1:  How are dental sealants applied?

You may be interested in what you can expect with this technique. Getting dental sealants placed on your teeth is not painful at all. These are put on the molar teeth because these are used the most when eating.

The first step will involve the dentist cleaning your teeth and then applying an acidic gel. Once this substance dries, it will be taken off, and the sealant will be put into place.

Question #2: When should you have this procedure done?

It's ideal for young kids to have these put in place to help protect their teeth from decay. It's common for children to be more susceptible to cavities, possibly because of having a diet that is more sugar filled. 

However, adults can also benefit from this process because doing so may be the key to decreasing the chances of getting decay. You will always want to check with your dental provider to ensure you're the right candidate for this technique.

Question #3: Are there any side effects?

You may want to know what to expect after having dental sealants put in place. There aren't any side effects that will discourage you from getting this done.

However, if you suffer from certain types of allergies, you will want to let your dentist know about these before your appointment. 

Question #4: Is this process affordable?

When it comes to ensuring healthy teeth that will stand the test of time, there is no price that is too high. However, seeing your dentist to have sealants placed no your teeth is a very affordable option.

If you want to ensure you have teeth that will remain healthy and be less likely to decay over time, it's an excellent idea to consider getting sealants put into place. You can always discuss this with your dental provider for more advantages you can expect from having this process completed. Schedule an appointment today and work to decrease the chances of getting cavities! Contact a dental office like Plymouth Valley Dental Group to learn more.