Why Booking Your Child To See The Dentist Before School Starts Is A Good Idea

When your child is getting ready to start the new school year, you might be scrambling a bit to ensure that he or she has new shoes, clothing, and school supplies. You'll also want to give some thought to the child's oral health, and this should include making a point of scheduling a dental examination before school begins. You'll want to think of this idea well in advance so that you're able to book the appointment in time, given that many other parents may have the same idea. Here are some reasons that booking your child to see the dentist before school starts is a good practice:

It Will Identify Issues That May Be Distracting

If your child ends up with a toothache as a result of a cavity or some other type of problem with his or her tooth, it can be difficult to concentrate in the classroom. Your child might not immediately tell you about this problem, and this means that he or she may be consistently distracted by the discomfort during school — something that can potentially put the child behind in his or her studies. When the child sees the dentist before school starts, the dentist can make sure that the child's mouth is healthy and doesn't have any problems that could interfere with their education.

It Can Help The Child's Self-Esteem

You might not immediately think of your child's self-esteem when you book a dental exam, but a dental appointment can be beneficial in this way. A thorough cleaning of your child's mouth will reduce the risk of bad breath, which is something that may children feel self-conscious about — especially if their classmates have teased them. A dental polishing, which takes place at the end of the cleaning, can give your child's teeth a whiter appearance, which can make him or her feel better about smiling.

It Won't Interfere With School

As a parent, you'll also like the fact that taking your child to the dentist before the school year begins means that this appointment won't interfere with school. If you have to take the child to the dentist during the school year, the child will usually miss one or more classes, which is less than optimal. Although your child might put up a bit of a fuss about spending part of his or her summer vacation at your local family dentistry clinic, this is a good move for many reasons.