Why Your Wisdom Teeth Should Still Come Out Even If You Are an Adult

When most people think of a wisdom tooth extraction they most likely think of their youth when a lot of their friends underwent that procedure. Naturally, since it didn't happen to you back then, you probably don't need it anymore, right? Well, that is not entirely correct. Wisdom teeth are an ongoing nuisance that should be regularly inspected by your dentist if you still have them as an adult, and most of the time they will suggest a wisdom teeth extraction at some point. Here are a few reasons why it is better that you have them removed even now, as an adult.

They Will Push Your Teeth In Closer

Wisdom teeth have an unfortunate habit of causing the rest of the teeth that lie between them to scrunch up and become very crushed. This can cause your front teeth to get pushed out of position and look very odd, sometimes disconcertingly so. It can also lead to you struggling to eat as comfortably as you did before, and even alter how some of the words you pronounce sound. Overall, both aesthetically and functionally speaking, your mouth is better off without wisdom teeth because they are simply too big and chunky.

Sinus Pain

You probably have heard of people struggling with their sinuses, but unless you have had an actual diagnosis yourself, you may not even really know what they are. In short, they are small hollow holes in the skull that can be very easily disturbed by an increase in pressure and a change in the structure of the jaw. Both of these problems can be very easily caused by wisdom teeth that have come up a little too far, so if you are diagnosed with sinusitis or anything of the sort then your dentist will most likely insist you have your wisdom teeth removed.

Continuous Swelling

If you can't remember a time when your teeth felt normal and not in constant pain, then you are living through something that does not have to be a problem. Wisdom teeth can cause great discomfort that so many Americans simply choose to live with despite the fact that it really is quite a simple procedure that, albeit, does take a little bit of time to recover from. If you are sick of being extra cautious with what you eat and how you brush your teeth so as not to draw blood from your gums, then it is well and truly past time to take action and have wisdom teeth extraction surgery.