What Dental Services Can A Family Dentist Offer A Family?

If you are searching for a dentist for yourself and your family, choosing a family dentist comes with many benefits. Since family dentists can treat every generation of your family, you, your children, and your parents can get the treatment you need in one place. Ultimately, this saves you time and money.

Family dentistry clinics are equipped to offer various services to each generation of a family. Here are some of the dental services that you may expect from a family dentist.

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting in young children

Two of the most damaging habits that affect young children's teeth are thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Both of these habits put pressure on the front teeth and can eventually cause problems such as crooked teeth and jaw misalignment. A family dentist can help to put a stop to thumb sucking and tongue thrusting in young children.

Family dentists can educate young children about damaging dental habits. And family dentists can use oral appliances to prevent thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

Crooked teeth in children and teens

Family dentists can also offer orthodontic services to children and teens that have crooked teeth. These orthodontic services may include traditional braces, Invisalign, and ceramic braces. Family dentists can also prevent crooked teeth in children by using spacers when a child loses a tooth to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting.

Teeth whitening for teens and adults

Many modern family dentists have some training in cosmetic dentistry. One of the most common cosmetic treatments offered by family dentists is teeth whitening. Teens and adults are both eligible for teeth whitening, so you can even visit the dentist to have your teeth whitened with your teenage children on the same day.

Tooth restoration for all ages

Family dentists provide the same tooth restoration services as general dentists do. And those services are appropriate for children and adults alike. For instance, if you or your child have damaged a tooth through a traumatic injury, a family dentist can repair the tooth with a dental crown or filling. And tooth-colored fillings are available for self-conscious teens.

Gingivitis in older adults

One problem that occurs in older adults is gingivitis and related dental issues such as gum recession. A family dentist can help treat gingivitis in older adults by providing medication and advice on how to improve oral health. And family dentists can also treat gum recession, which is a symptom of gingivitis or gum disease. Look into family dentistry services near you for more information.