Signs You Need A New Pair Of Dentures

People who have lost their teeth view dentures as a convenient solution. They help people restore their smiles without spending a fortune. While dentures can last for years if you take care of them, you might have to replace them at some point. But when is the right time to visit a denture services center for a new pair? Well, here are the signs you ought to look for.

Loose Fitting Dentures

Dentures are quite different from dental implants. As such, dentures might become loose with time. You see, dentures don't stimulate bone growth. Therefore, as the jaw bone continues to deteriorate, the dentures will also loosen. Loose dentures are quite uncomfortable to wear. They can come off any time and embarrass you badly. You should replace your dentures as soon as they start becoming loose.

You Can't Speak Clearly

There is absolutely no reason to have dentures that prevent you from speaking fluently. The dentures might have become loose, or they are too large for you. Whatever the case, you might have to get a new pair of dentures. You can talk to the dentist to see if they can make adjustments before paying for a replacement.

They Don't Look Natural

While dentures can improve your appearance, you must ensure that your pair looks natural. Some dentures can have you looking funny. And if it comes to that, you'll feel embarrassed talking to people or smiling. The best dentures should look like natural teeth. So, if people can easily tell that you are wearing dentures, get rid of them. 

You Can't Chew

Dentures are not only meant to improve your appearance but also to help you chew. So, if you can't chew easily, you might need a replacement. As much as the dentures look good on you, don't hesitate to replace them if you have difficulty chewing.

Gum Irritation

Gum irritation is also a possibility, especially if your dentures are too tight. While feeling irritation during the first days is normal, it should subside with time. However, if the irritation continues, it's clear that you need a new pair. Sometimes these dentures can cause pressure sores. And if it comes to that, you should ask your dentist to get you a replacement.

Damaged Dentures

Dentures could get damaged if you fail to take good care of them. Besides, wear and tear can also take a toll on your dentures. Unfortunately, your dentist can't repair damaged dentures. Your only option will be to acquire new dentures.

For more information on dentures, contact a professional near you.